Sponsor & Exhibitor Terms, Conditions & Policies

The Windstorm Insurance Conference shall be governed by these terms and conditions as well as the terms of the sponsor and exhibitor application. The Terms, Conditions & Policies stated here, in this agreement, constitute a bonafide part of the contract of your participation in this event. Conference Management (personnel and directors of Windstorm Insurance Network [WIND] and/or Potomac Management Resources) reserve the right to render all interpretations and decisions, should any questions arise, and to establish further regulations as may be deemed necessary to the general success and well-being of the conference and expo. All matters and questions not covered in these policies are subject to the final judgment and decision of conference management.

Once a company commits to being a sponsor or exhibitor, access to the 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference Partner Portal will be granted. This portal will be used to submit company information (including registrants, logos, and descriptions), download the 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference Exhibitor Services Manual, submit payments, etc.

The cost of sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities varies according to the level chosen. The benefits of being a sponsor and/or exhibitor will vary by level and are defined in this prospectus. A deposit of at least 50% of the amount due must be paid upon commitment to activate sponsor and/or exhibitor benefits. Payment in full must be made by December 31, 2024, to ensure all onsite benefits are fulfilled (including, but not limited to, signage, booth space, and attendee passes).

Exhibit booths with outstanding invoices by 12/31/2024 will be canceled and no deposits will be refunded.

Acceptance of Application
Acceptance of application for sponsorship and/or an exhibit does not mean endorsement by Conference Management of the applicant’s service or product.

Partner Portal Tasks and Deadlines
The 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference Partner Portal lists tasks and deadlines specific to the level and type of partnership. Failure to provide the requested information, graphics, and other materials by the posted deadlines may result in removal from 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference materials and benefits.

A deposit of 50% is required to hold a sponsorship and/or booth commitment. Payment can be made immediately with a credit card; if check payment is indicated, payment is due net 30, or benefits will be cut off.

Change, Cancellation and Refund Policy
No sponsor or exhibitor shall sublet, assign or share part of the amenities and/or space allocated to their company without the written consent of WIND. Once a sponsorship and/or exhibit booth commitment is made, any change to a level with a lower price will be considered a cancellation of the original commitment, subject to the cancellation policy below.

Refunds for sponsorship or exhibitor commitments, less a $500 administrative/processing fee, will be given if cancellation is received in writing by November 30, 2024. After that date, a 50% refund will be made until December 31, 2024, less a $500 administrative/processing fee. No refunds will be made after this date. All requests must be made in writing to meetingplanner@windnetwork.com.

Cancellation by Conference Management or Inability to Hold Conference
If Conference Management cancels the conference for causes beyond the control of the Conference Management, the sponsors and exhibitors will receive communication from Conference Management in regards to transferring or refunding fees paid up to the time of cancellation.

Conference Management will not be liable for any other expenses sponsors and/or exhibitors may incur as a result of their participation.

Registration/Attendee List Usage
The registration/attendee list is intended for use of 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference sponsors and exhibitors ONLY and for the sole purpose of promoting your company to 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference registrants/attendees. Use of this list is prohibited for any non-related 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference promotion, including promotion of your company at other industry events. Sharing, selling, or any other distribution of the registration/attendee list is strictly prohibited.

Attendee information collected onsite at the conference is subject to the usage for which you describe at the time of collecting that information from attendees.


Sponsor/Exhibitor Badges and Conference Attendance
All company representatives must register for the conference and wear their name badges during all conference events. Exhibitors will be furnished with special conference badges identifying the exhibiting company/organization name and must be worn during set-up, expo hours, and dismantling. The complimentary and discounted registrations are intended for company personnel only. Sponsor/exhibitor badges are not transferable onsite at
the conference and cannot be shared. Any other company personnel attending must be fully paid conference registrants. To complete the online registrations for your company personnel, log into the Partner Portal and complete the registration task. Changes to your badge list can be made up until January 10, 2025.


Photo And Video Policy
Registration and attendance at conference events, including events in the Main Stage room, Expo Hall, breakout sessions, networking and meal functions, and privately hosted events, constitutes an agreement by the registrant for WIND’s use and distribution (both now and in the future) of attendees’ images or voices in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions, and audiotapes for WIND’s promotional use.

Company Affiliations
The complimentary and discounted conference registrations are limited to company employees and staff only.

WIND Logo Usage
Sponsors and/or exhibitors of the 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference have a license to use the phrase “sponsor of the 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference” or “proud sponsor of the 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference” and display the official Windstorm Insurance Network logo through the end of the 2025 conference (no later than February 2, 2025). The license allows only the following manner of display:

  • On an organization’s website as long as the logo or phrase is linked to the Windstorm Insurance Network, Inc. website (www.windnetwork.com);
  • In electronic promotional materials (e.g., email) as long as the logo or phrase is linked to the Windstorm Insurance Network, Inc. website (www.windnetwork.com); and
  • In social media posts as long as the post includes a tag of the Windstorm Insurance Network, Inc. (Facebook; Twitter; or LinkedIn)
  • In marketing materials sent to others promoting attendance at the 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference.

The license ends after the conclusion of the Windstorm Insurance Conference. It can be purchased or renewed only by registering to become a Sponsor and/or Exhibitor of the 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference before the end of the 2025 WIND Conference.

License of Sponsor/Exhibitor Materials
WIND has a fully paid, nonexclusive, and worldwide license to use, store, reproduce, publish, distribute, and display sponsor- and/or exhibitor-provided images, branding, marketing materials, trademarks, and other materials used or displayed at the conference. Sponsors/exhibitors agree to allow WIND to use photographs, branding, marketing materials, trademarks, and other materials at the conference and in WIND-related publications.

Entertainment Policy
The purpose of the Windstorm Insurance Conference is education. The strength, reputation, and support of the conference are the result of commitment to professional development. Any entertainment contracted by sponsor or exhibitor is subject to approval by Conference Management. While service firms and businesses are free to make business contacts, hospitality suites—either onsite or off premises—are strictly prohibited in that any private party must not conflict with conference events (as published on the official conference agenda).

Oversized Vehicles
Sponsors & Exhibitors who wish to bring oversized vehicles on hotel property (in the expo hall or hotel parking lot) must contact meetingplanner@windnetwork.com to make arrangements and gain approval from the hotel.

Professional Dress Code
The dress code is business casual for all conference events, both day and evening. Professional business attire is strongly recommended.

Suggested Attire

  • Slacks/dress pants, Khakis
  • Dress shirt, casual button-down shirt, open-collar, polo shirt, knit shirt or sweater (no spaghetti straps or décolleté)
  • Seasonal sport coat or blazer and belt, with slacks or khakis
  • Optional tie
  • Dress
  • Flats, high heels, loafers or loafer-style shoes, and socks

Discouraged Attire

  • Flip flops or Slides
  • Torn, worn, or threadbare items
  • Workout clothes
  • Bare midriff
  • Shorts

Conduct of Sponsors and Exhibitors
Conference Management has the authority to prohibit a sponsor and/or exhibitor from continuing their participation in the conference/expo if at any time the purpose or character of the conference is jeopardized by the conduct of the sponsor and/or exhibitor. In the event of a sponsor/exhibitor discontinuation order, Conference Management will not be liable for any refund of the sponsorship or exhibitor event fee. Conference Management reserves the right to approve all promotional demonstrations and/or handouts to be used by sponsors and exhibitors.

Guns/Weapons at Windstorm Insurance Conference
The display, advertising, demonstration and/or use of any real, toy, mock, reproduction, simulated or replicated gun, weapon and/or ammunition of any type whatsoever is prohibited at the Windstorm Insurance Conference and at any event taking place during and/or associated with the Windstorm Insurance Conference. Any person, member, sponsor, exhibitor, speaker and/or guest violating this rule will be asked to leave the Windstorm Insurance Conference and may be prohibited from attending the remainder of the Windstorm Insurance Conference and may be further prohibited from attending any and all future Windstorm Insurance Conferences in any capacity.

Food & Alcohol Policy
No alcoholic beverages are to be served by sponsors/exhibitors at any event before 5:00 pm. All food & beverage at exhibit booths must be ordered through and served by the conference hotel.

Failure to Abide
Failure to abide by these terms, conditions, and policies may result in a sanction of prohibition of attendance of all employees or affiliates of the violating company at 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference, including, but not limited to, registration, attendance, sponsor/exhibitor status and recognition.

Conference Management has total authority of interpretation and enforcement of these terms, conditions, and policies, and reserves the right to amend them at any time for the benefit of the Windstorm Insurance Conference. Sponsors/exhibitors and their representatives who violate these terms and conditions or who, in the opinion of Conference Management, conduct themselves unethically, may be dismissed from the conference without refund or other appeal and may be excluded from participation in future Windstorm Insurance Conferences.


Care of Display Area
Construction, decoration, and equipment in the display area must conform to the rules, regulations, and restrictions of the Hyatt Regency Dallas and to the city of Dallas fire, health, and safety codes, and ordinances. Packing containers, shipping cartons, or similar materials may not be stored in the expo area. The use of any materials that deface or mark the Hyatt Regency Dallas property is prohibited. Exhibitor is liable for payment of any costs associated to the Hyatt Regency Dallas.

Booth Space
Contracted booth space is 8 feet by 10 feet. Exhibitor agrees to arrange its exhibit so that it will not obstruct the general view of the floor or hide other exhibits. Exhibitor will adhere to the rules and regulations found in the 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference Exhibitor Service Manual. Exhibitor agrees to adhere to rules and regulations provided by Conference Management. Exhibit activities must be confined within the bounds of the Exhibitor’s booth or table. The Exhibitor may not tape, paste, thumbtack, nail, or otherwise affix signs or posters to the walls, columns, or booth drape, or hang things from sprinkler pipes. Exhibitor may not pass out flyers in the aisles or place marketing material on tables that are not located in their contracted exhibit space.

By exhibiting at the Windstorm Insurance Conference, you agree to comply with and adhere to the marketing rules and requirements of your licensing board or agency. WIND will conduct a walk through before opening the Expo Hall, and has the right to ask you to remove anything deemed inappropriate.

ADA Compliance
Exhibitor is solely responsible for ensuring that its booth and exhibits are in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and for all costs related thereto. Exhibitor will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Conference Management and the Hyatt Regency Dallas for the failure of Exhibitor and its representatives to comply with ADA requirements.

Children and Minimum Age
Children under 18 are prohibited from entering the Expo Hall at any time during installation and move out hours.

Copyright and Licensing
Proper license agreements and intellectual property rights for all music, displays, graphics, and any other materials used by Exhibitor during the conference are the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor. Exhibitor will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Conference Management for all losses or claims arising from the use of music, displays, graphics, and any other materials used by the Exhibitor during the conference.

Default in Occupancy
Any failure by Exhibitor to occupy space contracted for will not relieve Exhibitor of the obligation of paying the full rental of such space as provided in the signed application. If the rented space is not occupied by the deadline for completion of installation of displays, such space may be possessed by Conference Management.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs)
WIND has designated official exhibition contractors. Exhibitor may contract directly with EACs by following the application procedures outlined in the 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference Exhibitor Service Manual. WIND assumes no responsibility or liability for such EACs. Exhibitor must use qualified union personnel for material handling, installing and dismantling exhibits, and other services as required by the Convention Center’s rules and regulations provided in the 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference Exhibitor Service Manual.

Exhibitor Personnel
Exhibitor must have staff present at its booth during all open Expo Hall hours. Any exhibiting company that vacates or tears down its exhibit prior to the close of the Expo Hall, or is not staffed during the Expo Hall open hours, may be subject to a penalty for the following year’s conference.

Liability of Exhibitor/Certificate of Insurance (COI)
Exhibitor is responsible for obtaining all insurance coverage for its exhibit. COI is due within 30 days of reserving your booth(s) or January 10, 2025, whichever is sooner.

COIs must list Windstorm Insurance Network, 2800 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite 210, Alexandria, VA 22314 and HYATT CORPORATION D/B/A/ HYATT REGENCY DALLAS, 300 REUNION BOULEVARD DALLAS, TX 75207. Complete them as stated above. Exhibitor shall carry adequate insurance to protect itself against bodily injury (including death) and property damage claims arising from Exhibitor’s participation in the 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference, including, but not limited to, worker’s compensation as required by law, and commercial general liability insurance in such amounts as are adequate, but in no event less than
$1,000,000 on an occurrence basis.

Upload your COIs in the 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference Partner Portal.

Exhibitor must make provisions for the safeguarding of goods it owns, rents, or leases from the time they are placed in the display space until they dismantle. Conference Management shall not be responsible for, or guarantee to Exhibitor, the safety of exhibit materials against fire, accident, theft, or any loss or injury whatsoever. Any damage or destruction of others’ property or personal injury to others resulting from the conduct of Exhibitor, its agents, or employees shall be the exhibitors’ sole responsibility. Exhibitor shall indemnify Conference Management and the Hyatt Regency Dallas and hold them harmless from any complaints, lawsuits, or liabilities resulting from conduct of Exhibitor.

Sponsors and exhibitors must indicate in the 2025 Windstorm Insurance Conference Partner Portal that they have read and agree to the WIND 2025 Sponsor & Exhibitor Terms, Conditions & Policies.